Friday Flash Fiction.In the eyes of tragedy.

This has a back story.
This is a poem I wrote a couple of years ago.
I was leaving Houston Tx. watching a double rainbow after a morning drizzle.
My phone rang and it was my mom. My dad had been admitted for Pancreatitis he was supposed to be released that day after testing. So when I answered the phone I immediately said “You should see the rainbow” only to have my mom inform me I had 24 hours to get there if I wanted to say good bye to my father. This is what my mind offered up under that pronouncement.
The Eyes Of Tragedy

Paths of destruction and insanity litter the road like leaves in a storm.
Surrounding me
Blocking my view.
Paranoia , depression, and despair, my only companions.
My knees blood stained from constant prayer.
Voice echoing in the air.
Blank eyed vision clouded.
I listen to the words I can’t hear.
Wrapping myself in shadows of light.
Bravely feeling fear.
My mind dances on the rainbow of my multifaceted pain.
Wondering when the weather will be clear again….
Storms rage inside my windows, flooding the rivers of my soul.
I’m the drowning victim of my own thoughts….
I will never make it out again whole.


34 thoughts on “Friday Flash Fiction.In the eyes of tragedy.

  1. TheOthers1

    Oh gosh. So sorry. I was young when my dad passed. They wouldn’t let me stay and it still haunts me 18-19 years later. Definitely felt this.

    My attempt:

  2. Your words described my emotion perfectly when I got news of my Dad’s first heart attack. Thankfully I had 14 more years to enjoy his company.

    My link

  3. Dear Amanda,

    Out of the storm comes such light. Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem. I hope you bear only the weight of love now.



    I know you’ve visited and I thank you. This link is for others caught in your rainbow.

  4. we all deal with pain differently, but it’s still pain. thanks for sharing.

    • 10 days from healthy to gone. My father was an Indomitable spirit. If you ever watched Lonesome Dove and remember Gus, that is as close as I can come to describing him. Grief didn’t come for a long time the shock was so great. Thanks for visiting.

  5. I’m so sorry about your father. What a wonderfully written way to express your pain. My heart actually hurts after reading this.

  6. I’m so sorry you never had the time you expected with your dad. You just never know. This was such a heart breaking poem.

  7. the more I read, the more I understand the oft quoted comment that writers need to experience life to be able to convey emotion adequately and your emotion comes across so raw and real that I felt it too. I’m so sorry about your father.

    Here be my attempt:

  8. Your words are a powerful display of deeply felt emotion, sorrow and hopelessness. Though written at a time of loss, it is a beautiful poem. I do hope you are over your dad’s loss now. Mine is here:

  9. How wonderful that you managed to transform such a tragic event into writing of such beauty. Whether we know it or not sometimes our Muse leads us best through tragedy. Thank you for sharing something so personal.

  10. Captures the blindness and confusion of extreme pain. I’m sorry this piece came with such a loss. You crystallized the emotion perfectly.

    Brian (

  11. Very powerful stuff – resonates with so many, thanks for sharing with us!

  12. “I’m the drowning victim of my own thoughts…
    I will never make it out again whole.”
    I think you reached inside my brain just then.

  13. Madison Woods

    “Bravely feeling fear” was the line I most liked in that poem. Because so many times we block it out because we’re just so afraid to feel the pain. Loved your poem, and I’m sorry about the passing of your dad and the rainbow that must have brought bitter-sweet memories to mind.

  14. more turmoil inside than outside.

  15. Heartfelt and deep.
    Such losses can never be forgotten.
    A very touching poem.


  16. I have felt this:
    “I’m the drowning victim of my own thoughts….”
    But was never able to express it so clearly. Thank you for sharing what you created out of such loss.


  17. Sorry it’s taken me so long to post a comment. I’ve been thinking about what to say, because your poem is so raw and emotional and personal and tragically beautiful and heartfelt and, above all, real. Sorry for your loss.

    • Thank you! My family is very close we were outsiders in a very small community. We were all any of us had growing up. We had friends but in a community where most people’s families were 200 years in the same area. Well you get the Idea.

  18. Sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing.

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