The “Others” who?

I debated leaving this part out but if you’re gonna get the whole story I’m gonna have to tell you. After that frightening little visitation. I decided I needed help of a different kind. I am by no means a serious minded individual. But I have a few friends and acquaintances that you might find kookie
They look at life a little slanted and some coming from a different direction all together. Jeanie fell in this category of friends
In high school she swore she could see auras and had been known to claim that she had dreamt something that happened the night before it happened.
Throughout the years since high school I have seen her practice just about every religion, study every cult and even come up with a few of her own.  Around Evangeline Parish she is known as a psychic and a midwife. Don’t get the wrong impression the girl is smart and she went to college. She has a degree in some kind of natural doctor thing. I think it’s called Naturopathy.  She can perform just about any ritual or rite in any religion or belief system and she’s licensed by the state.
She just a little weird to talk to.
I called and asked for an appointment.

As I left the house Bob apparently decided to take with a ride into town with me. I don’t blame him. Bob is not a fearsome individual on the best of days and last night tried to even a courageous personality. I still had the coppery taste of fear in my mouth. No amount of brushing teeth and washing out my mouth helped. A feeling of total insecurity prompted me to drive my Peterbuilt cab to town. Something about driving that big bertha of a vehicle just makes you feel beter.
I picked up Bob, who showed complete agreement with my choice of vehicles, and loaded up.
He stretched out along the dash and began a siesta.
I arrived on time and lifted Bob from his resting place, hoping she wouldn’t mind the feline intrusion.
I looked to make sure no one was watching and entered.

I expected a dark room with a crystal ball covered table, candles burning and hokey music playing on the stereo. I got instead a kind of bookstore tea room with soothing instrumentals.
I admit to a little disappointment.
Jeanie met me at the door turning the sign to read “In consultation ” and locking it.
She greeted Bob affectionately and gave me a hug. Yes I hugged her back. Hugs are below Bob’s dignity. He wiggled free and sauntered off. I say it again; I wish I were a cat.

Jeanie took my hand and drew me to a table. I sat down and she brought out a tea service with the pleasant aroma of Jazmime and Chamomile steaming up from the tea pot and , Oh heavenly host could it be? Cheesecake! Yummy creamy delicious cheesecake Jeanie might actually know what she’s doing!
“Tell me what’s been going on girl” Jeanie said kindly. She poured the tea and offered the aromatic brew to me with the heavenly slice of dessert. I delayed, sipping the tea. It had a floral taste with a hint of citrus. I procrastinated a little longer by tasting the cheesecake the creamy texture yielded up more of that citrus hint not orange or lemon. Jeanie remained patient smiling sipping her tea. If she had grown frustrated and began to push I could of gotten angry and rushed out. No, she sat there smiling. Finally, it came time to tell my tale.
I took a deep breath and launched into the whole sordid affair
Beginning with the first times I started noticing unidentifiable movement and eyes all the way to the visitation last night. Bob leaped up on the table to remind me to include his part in the whole to do. Jeanie sat quietly through the whole thing listening and drinking tea. When I was finished she looked at Bob then got up, grabbed a can of tuna from the refrigerator, and won him over by giving him the whole can in his own little dish. We watch him eat for a couple seconds and listen to the loud chomping and purring. Finally she look at me and said “I need to make a few inquiries of you do you mind ?” “Of course not.” I responded. First I’m gonna ask you a few questions about your past and your heritage. Then we’re gonna move on to things that have happened closer in the present. Some of my questions are gonna sound unrelated or nosey but I promise you these are all things related to this problem.” All I could do is nod and agree.
“First your ancestry; where was your mother from and where was your father from? Where were their parents from?”

“My mother and father are from this area. My mother’s family was from Ireland. My father’s family is Creole and Native American.”
Here she paused as if debating, then went on.
“Do you know if anybody in your family was considered fey or touched? Claimed to be psychic or have a prophetic
I thought about her high school claims and grew uncomfortable
what was I doing here
“I know nothing about my mother’s family. My father’s family has had a coupla alien visitors and demon possessed. I mean his family has been in Louisiana for generations. He’s got a few loose marbles in the family even my dad claims to believe in conspiracy theories from time to time, he had an aunt that claimed to see ghosts. On his dads side his family is all Native American he has a few shamans and spirit walkers in the family. I really don’t see what my dads craziness and his family craziness has to do with this unless you think I’m going crazy maybe the coming schizophrenic?”
At this point my voice became hostile. Not because I thought she was wrong.

Jeanie laughed at that, “No I don’t think you’re going crazy. It does seem you have a family rich in sensitives though”

” I don’t believe in that trash.” It came out before I could think. Hello Foot have you met Mouth?

She smiled and said “You don’t have to, it believes in you. You obviously have some kind of talent or ability and its trying to make itself known. I’m gonna give you a website it’s gonna seem weird but look through it and look up a bunch of books with the same theme some with pictures and see if you recognize any of ’em. When you’re ready call me back we will talk.” she gave me the website on a piece of paper and hardly said another thing to me as she cleaned up and walked out. Bob looked at me sneezed as if to tell me I was rude and leaped off the table and went to wait by the door.
I stood there stunned at the abrupt ending of our meeting.
Grabbing up the last of the cheesecake I stuffed the note in my pocket and left.


12 thoughts on “The “Others” who?

  1. Amanda Gray

    Hm test test

  2. Shelia

    Love it! Love the details! I could visualize the room, the lady, how Bob would have sneezed, jumped off the table and turned and looked at E.Parish. I love that I can almost see what u r writin. Details r great and love the story!:)

    • Omg thank you so much!!! I am crying!

    • Gray Toast

      Hey, great! Glad you can enjoy! I hate to prod, but would you mind participating in a poll? There’s a poll box in the contents page and it would be a great help if you could vote for what day you like to read our post (when its more convienient, when you have more time, ect,). Thanks again! We love the awesome responses!

  3. marlena snyder

    Hmmmm Very Interesting Oh And I hope that was peanut butter cheesecake

  4. raonaidluckwell

    Rather have strawberry cheesecake..and hell she’d win me over like that…

    Actually I could see this scene.. though between my mother and one woman she use to work with. The woman was studying. She use to do tarot readings and astrological charts.

  5. Join The flash fiction friday link is in the title when you look at my story

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