The “Others”who 5?

That night I dreamed.
In the dream I was standing in the church, except the floor and the pews were covered in grass
The ceiling was an open sky.
The  Stained glass windows were still there depicting the exit of the garden of Eden.
I was walking down the aisle towards the pulpit.
The baptismal was an enormous  hollow tree stump filled with water and lily pads.
My bare feet echoed in the grass.
I got closer to the pulpit and began noticing small animals on the pews.
They were facing forward heads turning towards me.
There was a sound like water over falls.
Birds were in the rafters sang a chorus.
The song sounded like “Oh Danny Boy” I smiled, remembering my mother singing that song.
I started to  think to myself. I should be getting closer to the pulpit.
When the stained glass window rippled. The angel with the fiery a sword shrugged out of the window.
I forgot to breathe.
He was still the color of the glass and transparent but he took on the texture of a living being. 
I could hear the animals talking to each other.
And in a strange way of dreams none of this seemed abnormal.
The angel stepped towards me and held up his hand bringing the sword to bear.  With his other hand he reached towards me.
  I squinted my eyes trying to see him through the flames but squinting only made it worse.
He said to me in a resounding voice. “Open your eyes wider. Let everything come in. Stop trying to force yourself. Relax”
I tried to follow his words.
Things were getting strange.
I kept hearing him say relax but he was saying something else something important.
All I could hear was him saying relax.
He reached for me again and tried to give me the sword.
It was too far.
He was back in the window.
I struggled to get closer to him.
The voice was still speaking.

“Try to relax. I can’t get it out of there if you don’t relax and sit still! ” I opened my eyes confused about where I was. Anna’s.
Rolling over, I dislodged Bob from his King of The Mountain spot on my hip. He stood, stretched and climbed back on giving me a one-eyed glare warning me that I had better not move again.
I smelled bacon.
My stomach growled.
Bob looked at it indignantly.
It growled again. He made a huffing noise, sounding put off and jumped from his perch and left the room.
The aroma of coffee dragged me off the couch, and the squealing of a child and exclaiming of an exasperated mother drew me to the kitchen.
There on the table laid out like a holiday ham was Andrew.
Tawny held his arms and head.
Anna was trying to hold his legs, while attacking his nose with a wicked looking pair if tweezers.
“Gabriella! Grab his legs and hold him!” Anna shouted.
I ran to obey.
The screaming raised into an ear shattering intensity.
Then Anna leaned back with a purple gooey thing in the tweezers.
She showed it to Andrew.
“We won’t put Barney up our nose anymore will we?”
The tear-stained face shook back and forth his wide-eyed gaze still on the slimy vitamin.
He reached for it.
Anna snatched it out of reach dropping in the disposal and washing her hands. Tawny washed his face and sat him on his feet.
“Good morning ” Was all I could think to say as the terrified child ran from the room.
We all watched him go then burst out laughing.
Pouring myself a cup of coffee I spotted the bacon and almost swooned.
Is there anything better than bacon and eggs with biscuits and redeye gravy?
“You really do love me” I batted my eyes at Anna.
“That’s all mine!”
Tawny made a grab for the plate. I picked it up and pirouetted away. She laughed.
We all sat having that silent agreement not to speak of unpleasant things until food was consumed.
Jason made an appearance giving out hugs as a bus honked in the front drive and rushed out the door.
The babysitter arrived and took charge of the dynamic duo.  
We all dressed to go.
Bob did not make an appearance.
After dropping Tawny off at her shop we called Jeanie.
She was there ready to see us so we made our way to town.
With the hope that she could provide us with answers.


4 thoughts on “The “Others”who 5?

  1. Marlena Snyder

    oh my

  2. Shelia

    Loving it! 🙂 Ready to find out what Jeanie has to say!!!!The kids, Bob, the friends, this all sounds like my sister’s house!!!! LoL!!!! Ready for the next one!!!!:0)

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