The “Others” Who? 3

I drove over to Anna’s after a quick call to make sure she was home. When I pulled up to the front drive Bob looked up from his nap. When he recognized where we were his eyes got huge. He shot to his feet as the twins burst from the front door and came flying towards the truck. I smiled watching them come they loved climbing all over the truck. I started to say something to Bob but he had disappeared like a furry puff of smoke.
I began to laugh the twins also loved Bob.
Bob did not so much return the sentiment as live in horror of sticky hands and wet mouths. I exited the truck sweeping up one blonde pixie child and one brunette cherub. The pixie child  began to laugh wholeheartedly and climb onto my shoulders. The beautiful cherub meanwhile, began to scream for his mama. I sighed, Anna’s oldest came and took the screaming child from me. “Mom is at the store she said you sounded like you would need chocolate.”
“Where’s your sister? ” I asked. “With Deb she pretty much lives with her now.” Jason answered. The daredevil on my shoulders decided to stand up and move to my head. I reached up and swung him down then spun in a circle. He began to laugh so hard. that when I stood him on his feet he sat down. Seeing Matthew having such fun Andrew turned expectantly to his older brother. While they played I switched on the trucks APU (Auxiliary power unit ) so Bob would have A/C checked his water and food then called to invisocat that I would return. I received a skeptical meow in return from the vicinity of my bed. I closed the door and herded the children inside one three-year old hanging from a leg.

When Anna returned she had Tawny in tow they jumped out with hugs and kisses then began unloading the SUV Chinese food, chocolate, and Ice Cream. My eyes widened. “I figured it was time for a war council so I swung by Tawny’s shop and she closed up. She has her emergency bag. We are in for an all nighter.” My eyes filled with tears. Tawny was my other bosom companion she wasn’t just a hairdresser she is a true cosmologist she owns her own little shop people come from as far is Baton Rouge to have her do their hair and makeup on important  nights.
We made our way inside with the smell chinese food drifting deliciously around us. We put away groceries and sat out plates. Speaking on random subjects and gossiping about people around town. My stomach was growling by the time we sat down to Mongolian Beef and Peanut Butter Chicken. Anna gave me her “When you are ready” look and Tawny hooked my foot with hers.
The three of us have been through hell together and it only made our relationship stronger.
Already I was feeling better. With friends like these at your side nothing can defeat you.
I told them in excruciating detail everything that had happened. Not once did I see the glimmer of judgement in their eyes. I felt the burden lifting from me.
“Either somebody’s messing with your head or you have a ghost problem.” Tawny said. “It doesn’t sound so much like a ghost problem to me.” Anna enjoined.”
“Of course not you have your christian values.” Tawny returned.
“That’s not it at all” Anna said even the bible admits to things you can’t see being in this world Hebrews speaks of it even Second Corinthians.
I looked at Anna shocked all this time I thought her Christianity wouldn’t allow her to believe me. Anna Straightened her shirt and looked down. Tawny recovered first
“The point is do you have a real problem here. Your cat is reacting to these things. That should have clued you in that you weren’t imagining things” Anna nodded. ” Now let’s see that website ”  We cleared up the dishes and brewed coffee and water for tea. Anna opened her laptop as I dug the paper out and handed it to her.  She typed it in and pulled up the site. The comforting smell of coffee through the room as we read. It claimed that all of the sources were historical references and to the best of the authors knowledge it was a historically correct movement of the fae in relations to man. In parentheses he said that he called them fae for lack of a better term but they always seem to refer to themselves as “others”
We sat back and looked at one another.

” I have never seen this if that’s what you’re wondering” I immediately said.
“That’s not what I was thinking at all ” Tawny replied. Without another word we all began to read again. According to the website…. everybody used to be able to see the Fae. Some cultures even Worshiped them as god’s. They weren’t people or even tangible. They were more the identity of the land. The first problem historically came when the vikings began to conquer the lands around them. At the time Ireland and Scotland had a symbiotic relationship with the fae on their Islands in the form of a Druidic culture. They husbanded and controlled the cultivation of the land.
In return the fae taught them herblore and healing arts. The coming of the vikings changed everything. They were a bloody minded warlike people. They influenced and changed the druidic culture into a paganish worship of “gods ” and blood sacrifice. The delicate balance on the islands was tipped deforestation for the building of ships and overpopulation drove the fae out or drove them mad. This spread throughout the world as man spread his influence over the planet. The Roman Empire actively stomped out any culture that was still druidic in any way. Later the Holy Roman Church took up the cause. Some how the fae learned to hide themselves from man or man lost the connection with himself allow him to see. Either way a rift grew and we forgot. The fae became the flicker at the corner of our sight, the eyes in the dark, and the bump in the night. To our loss and detriment we have forgotten our greatest ally and our greatest enemy share a planet with us

We searched a few more links but they were mostly folklore and superstition.
Anna turned off the computer. The three of us sat in silence for a long time looking at the blank screen.


6 thoughts on “The “Others” Who? 3

  1. Gabriel

    Chinese ice cream and chocolate! !!!! Sounds good bb..keep up the good work i like it.MUUUUAAAAHHH!!!

  2. Shelia

    I loved this chapter!!!! I could see all the ppl and everything that was described in the story in my head as I was reading it!!! I love how u detail everything!!!! U r doing a great job! Love reading it!!!!!:0)

  3. raonaidluckwell

    Animals ARE more sensitive than us humans. Some of us are just closed minded. LOL..

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