The “Others” Who? 2

I now felt like a leaf spiraling the distance between branch and ground hoping a good strong wind would come to keep me aloft for just a few minutes longer.
Bob wiggled in my arms restless. After all that tuna he probably needed to take a trip to litter box. I walked the short distance down to the city park and deposited him in the sand. He quickly started looking for a place to do is business. After sniffing and scratching at a few random spots he found a suitable place turned in circles a couple times and gave me a hard look asking  for a little privacy.

I turned my head away and looked off into the cypress trees enjoying one of those rare mornings in Louisiana when the breeze is blowing and the temperature is just cool enough to feel good. I noticed a light mist rolling off the pond. I watched the mist play through the trees and felt relaxed and calm for the first time in days. The mist rolled up over a swing and slid back down the other side. I glanced over at Bob He looked to be finishing up. I stretched my legs and continued to watch the mist as it encircled a tree. When it completed the circuit of the tree it began to spiral.
I looked down at my watch and realized it was noon it occurred to me that something wasn’t right with that mist.
Fog almost always burns off before noon. The vapor started to spin.

No mist ever move that way!
It was spiraling and rising higher starting to take the shape of a man. The impression of awareness emanated from the stuff.
Bob growled every hair on his body standing up and moved between my legs. I raised up and picked Bob up. Easing myself slowly from the bench I began to back away. The swirling increased in speed lending a sense of urgency to the thing. My mouth was dry. The earthy scent of cypress and moss almost overpowering. I tensed. Suddenly someone grabbed me. I screamed and stuck out. Punching my attacker, “Whoa whoa hold on I haven’t anything to deserve this!”
My attacker called out, gripping my arm in an iron hand. The hand and voice belonged to Johnny my ex husband. I spun to look at the mist again.  Gone of course. I looked back at him and glared “I have a restraining order against you why are you touching me?” the birds were calling which I hadn’t realized before were missing. Now with the return of sound they were deafening.
“I been calling your name for several minutes” he exaggerated. I checked my watch; 2 minutes the whole thing happened in 2 minutes. “You shouldn’t be calling my name at all” Bob confirmed this by hissing. What can I say the cat has intelligence.  I straightened with as much dignity is a woman has been screaming like a crazy person just a minute before could. Determined to walk past him get in my truck and leave without saying another word almost dropped bob when he ask me “so what are you consulting the psychic for?” I wanted to sink into the ground. “That happens to be none of your business. Didn’t they tell you stalking was against the law now?” His face got so red I thought he was gonna have a stroke. With that Bob and I made good on our getaway
These a freakish encounters were starting to get on my nerves.  Again I could feel the person standing at my shoulder as if someone was about to touch me. I would look over my shoulder and  nobody would be there.
So I didn’t bother.
I needed comfort and a shoulder to cry on so I headed back to Anna’s.


11 thoughts on “The “Others” Who? 2

  1. Shelia

    Love the story and BOB!!!! ☺

  2. Shelia

    Oh! Forgot to tell u that I love the pic. u choose for each new chapter! ☺

  3. Gray Toast

    Sorry, I wasn’t on top of getting everything together! New pic and such… The cat pic is the web’s header. Just visit another part of the site to see it again. If you guys really like it, I’ll include it in the gallery we’ll be installing soon!!

  4. Gabriel

    Estodo Bob!!!!!!

  5. Gabriel

    I really like this part.the emotion of the mist and wacking somebody that your not sure who it…nice work babe..keep up the good work..

  6. raonaidluckwell

    Bob is oddly sounding like a familiar

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