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I don’t know what I had been dreaming, but I don’t care of it was gumdrops and lollipops. You wake up with a twenty pound cat’s face in yours; you’re gonna scream.
That’s exactly what I did.
I squawked, jumped up, scooted back and stared at Bob.
For his part, Bob sat calmly, luminous green eyes sparkling in feline amusement. “What the hell Bob!” I exclaimed hoping I hadn’t awakened the whole house. Bob just looked at me like I was slow witted. “Well, excuse me! I did happen to be sleeping!” I snapped.  His ears swiveled and pupils dilated. The tracking reflex telling me he had a purpose in his rude awakening. Stiffening, he turned his head deliberately to the front door. I followed his gaze and gasped!  A shadow flitted across the window by the door.
Bob’s hackles rose and he let out long slow growl. That was kind of scary all by itself.
I moved quickly to Anna’s room waking her and Tawny with a shake on the shoulder and finger to my mouth. I motioned with my head at the window. Their heads snapped in that direction.  The shadow appeared shortly, next the bedroom window. I jestured for silence again and pointed to the window casement. The window was slightly ajar. Anna mouthed sotto voce, “They have casement locks.” The phantom tried the window.
Our eyes widened.  Fear filled the room for a moment threatening to choke us.

I shook it off.

Being a female truck driver has let me know one thing. When you can’t have courage; there’s always bravado.

That lesson stood me in good stead at that moment. I pointed at Anna and mouthed “Call 9-1-1” she nodded and reached for the phone. I pointed at Tawny and made a gun symbol with thumb and forefinger. She reached into the nightstand and pulled out the 9 mil.
We moved quietly to the french doors. I grabbed the ‘oh shit’ bat that was there for the purpose.

Anna grabbed a robe, and went to wake Jason to stand guard over the twins. Times like this I wish Anna’s husband Beau was still alive, with his authoritative cop manner. Stupid people, with their texting and driving.
I took a deep breath and reached for the door handle. Tawny placed her hand on my back. We watched holding our breaths as the wraith moved closer.

Reality took on a surreal slow motion quality. My senses kicked into hyperdrive. Details of the room jumped out at me Beau’s jacket still on the coat rack.

A  G.I. Joe under the edge of the bed.
Bob ghosting silently along the wall watching the shadow.

Tawny’s quick breaths behind me were like shouts.

The sound of rustling branches and snapping twigs came from the other side of the door.

The hand holding the door handle sweated profusely. We tensed, watching the shadow move on the porch. It grew larger leaning in.

I waited holding my breath. It came closer trying the door.

I shoved it open with all my strength, knocking the person back, and swung out with the bat. BAM, direct impact.

The satisfying thud was exhilarating.

Tawny slipped from behind me as the screams of pain and terror rent the night.

They cut off abruptly when Tawny dramatically chambered a round and pointed the gun.

The creeper, who’s back was to us, stiffened and released his injured extremity holding out both arms.
From behind me Bob hissed and growled. I looked at my cat, and back to the man on the ground. My eyes narrowed. Tawny cut her eyes at Bob, and at me, then back to our prisoner. There was only one person Bob growled at. Tawny, who had remarked on this before, knew it.  Realization widened then slitted her eyes. A moments eye contact and we were in complete agreement.

“Just shoot him.” I told her letting my anger and disgust show. He cringed.

“I can’t just shoot him.” Tawny complained. The back relaxed. “We would have to drag him for miles and leave a trail all the way.”

Tension returned to the shoulders.

“You’re right. I will just have to beat him to death.” I shifted as if getting a good grip on the bat and balanced stance for the job ahead. When he broke his silence “Don’t hit me! Don’t hit me! I am sorry!” Johnny rolled over squirming away.

I had the urge to do it anyway.

The slimy devil was snot faced and wailing.

I smelled urine emanating off him, with the distinct whiskey breeze of his harsh coughs and exhalations. He reached for Tawny’s ankle and she she snatched it back spitting at him.

Lights, slammed into my retinas almost making me trip. Tawny cursed. “Don’t move! This is the Police!” The Bad Boys song leaped incongruously into my head. “She’s gotta gun!”   The officer yelled for her to toss the gun out. I heard it hit the ground some distance from us.

Slowly my vision returned.
Anna had a finger pointed at Johnny explaining what happened.

The officer looked at Johnny, and asked him”Excuse me sir, what is your business here?” Johnny rolled over dramatically holding his arm. “She beat me with a bat and was going to kill me.” The idiot whimpered and pointed at me.

The officer looked unsympathetic and told Johnny, “Sir the faster you answer a question the faster I can get you medical help.” Johnny studied the officers obvious lack of concern and decided to answer the question.”I was at the bar, and a friend of mine came in and said that he heard that the ladies were staying here together tonight. I’ve been needing to talk to my ex-wife, so I drove over here and all the lights were out. I didn’t wanna wake the babies by banging on the front door. That’s when I decided to walk around back to the master bedroom, to see if they were in there doing girly stuff. I got to the back door raised my hand to knock and it swung open in my face and she hit me with a BAT and the other one jumped out and pulled a gun on me. They were going to shoot me at first but then they decided it was better to beat me to death.” The police officer cocked an eyebrow questioningly at me I put my hands on my hips and tilted my head “First of all!” I pointed “EX-HUSBAND, we weren’t going to kill him we were just trying to scare him. We realized as soon as I hit him who he was.  If I kill the fool I’d be the first person that would be accused of it. My friends,who would be next on the list, wouldn’t do it either. If we wait long enough the idiot will get himself killed.” The officer looked at me for a second and asked,  “Miss, if you knew that it was your husband why did you hit him with the bat?” That made me a little angry,” Get it straight he is my EX- husband. I didn’t know until AFTER I hit him.” I had to take the jab. “His girly scream gave him away.” Johnny started to protest. The cop shut him up with a look. The other officer gave off a strangled noise. “He does not belong here. He has always had a lesbian fantasy about me and my friend. I did not know it was him until I had him down already, then I was just angry. He’s lucky I didn’t let her shoot him. I have nothing to say to him I don’t care for anything he has to say to me.” Johnny started laughing” I don’t know why you don’t just admit that you like girls.” The officer; upon seeing my urge to kick him again move between us anbd warned him to stay silent. “Just because you can’t wrap your damaged mind around why a woman wouldn’t be want to be with a useless drunkard, and drug addict POS like you doesn’t mean she’s a lesbian. It means she got a little bit of common sense.”  I saw the other officer over the shoulder of the first he was smiling, looking like he wanted to laugh. When he saw me looking he suddenly found something that needed urgent flashlight attention. I looked back at the first officer and he was looking down and away from me I got the distinct impression he had just smothered smile. I narrowed my eyes at him. “All of this is beyond the point. the fact is he is in direct violation of a restraining order he should not be on this property all three of us have filed restraining orders against him, and he just admitted that he knew we were all going to be here. That tells me that he knew he was breaking the law.”

At this statement the police officer turned and looked at Johnny and asked him. “Sir did you know that you were in direct violation of a restraining order when you came here?” Johnny tossed his head. ” That’s nothing but a piece of paper that she filed when she got mad. It doesn’t mean anything.” He sneered.

With that declaration both officers came towards him with handcuffs. His struggles and earned a few more bruises. I thoroughly enjoyed the show. They got him cuffed and ‘accidentally’ knocked him around a few more times and threw him in the car.

When we were all alone again we started laughing and Tawny pointed at the doorway there was Bob purring and rubbing his face against the door jamb he was a good kitty. Anna declared” Bob you did such a good job I think you need your own can of chicken.” Bob stood straight widened his eyes took a few steps turned took few steps more and looked over his shoulder at Anna as if to say,” Lady if you’re going to do it let’s go I’m starving” we all laughed and followed Bob’s demanding figure into the kitchen. Anna gave Bob his reward can. We decided that since we were all up anyway we may as well eat and discuss everything that had happened in the last few days.


3 thoughts on “Page 16

  1. Shelia

    I loved this page! The part that said that Bob only acts like that with one person, I remember that earlier in the book! Too funny! LMBO!!!!! What the women did to him!!! Was on my 3:00am break at work and so glad I got to read this! BAM!!!! Hit him with the bat!!!! Baaahahaha!!!! Loved it!!!!

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