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It was written in a series of stories.
The name of each person telling the story next to the paragraph.
I begin with Seamus.
He told of his brother’s capture and  imprisonment.
His brother’s wife and children were left in his care.
His own wife and children unhappy over this turn of events.
Next he told of a visitor in the night a pair of eyes and a voice telling him what to plant and where.
He believed that this was a divine messenger at first. Later he realized that the land it’s self was speaking to him. Night visitations became whispers during the day.
After a time he could see a form out of the corner of his eye.
The form resolved into a shadow of himself.
Always this entity came and was helpful even protective.
With the help of this guiding hand the farm was able to flourish and his family was happy once again.
Until the english came looking for more rebels.
Families of the men they already had in captivity were in danger.
It was time to flee.

The spirit asked not to be left behind, but how do you take a spirit of the earth with you to another place?
The man begin to ask questions, and found others with the same questions. Eventually, an answer was found in the lore of Celtic  knot making.
These symbols, if done right, could draw the spirit out of the earth and into the knot.
When a person wanted to release the spirit they unravelled the knot, or “broke” the knot ending the “endless” quality of the knot.
Using this knowledge, they brought what they thought of as guardians to the New World with them as they fled persecution and famine.
Fearing accusations of witchcraft in the new england states, they migrated further south and west finally ending up in Louisiana territories.
During this time of moving and change, they met others like themselves, from other places in the world. They collectively came up with this scheme to form a community of sorts.
So they pulled their money and resources together and bought the land this house sits upon.

Annabel Was is the next story.
Her tale was a little more frightening, also more familiar.
She moved on to a farm that was vacant, to do war, the family dead or taken prisoner.
She had been there a month with her husband and child. When she began to feel like she was being followed. At night she could hear someone whispering her name and making threats from the darkness. Finally, after a month the attacks began.
First; doors slamming windows breaking and things falling off tables. Then, animals were being frightened, and the baby would cry for no reason.
The adults were receiving pokes and bites in the middle of the night.

Believing this to be a demonic invasion of their home, they contacted the parish priest for an exorcism.
The church came with its blessings and prayers and left.
The entity stayed Amabel turned to family for help and her grandmother showed up.
The elderly matron spent many days and nights in the field behind the house.
She said she was explaining to it the loss of its family and introducing its new one.
After this the spirit was always quiet and kind offering up help and protection.
When the grandmother passed away the spirit would sometimes appear in her form.
Never again did it attack her family.
The bond was so strong that when they left for America they couldn’t be parted from it.
It went into a stone of the land and they dug the stone up and brought it with them.
I found the story of Joshua interesting.
He was not much more than a baby when his father was killed in a hunting accident. His mother died a few months later of an illness. He was left with an elderly grandmother who had become incompetent. The family spirit would “guide” the grandmother’s body in caring for the child when her mind wandered in the past.
He described the entity as a being that depended on human perception for purpose. That our own minds gave it a form that would suit our sanity. He ended his detailing by saying that they are the character and potential of a place. The soul.

There were many more stories
All following along one or the other of these lines.
I scanned through them all just to make sure. Anna was giving them a more thorough reading. I pushed the notebook away and looked up. “These stories are similar to mine in many ways except one very important detail. The thing that is pursuing me is following me across states and timezones. This is no confused land spirit.
This thing has purpose and malevolence it stalks me. I don’t think my angel is the same as the stalker but he is confined somehow yet reaches me through my dreams again across all boundaries and distances. These stories are well and good but I don’t think I am going to make peace with my monster under the bed. At this I stoppedI hadn’t been looking under my bed. Crap! Will the lessons of childhood never be learned? Jeanie was looking at me like she knew exactly what I ran through my head. “What?” Anna looked puzzled at my abrupt halt. “Remind me to get those pod light things on the way home.” I sheepishly told her. Then we all laughed breaking the tension the absurdity of it all to much for one day. “Look,” I said after regaining my breath. “I admit that there something going on here that I don’t know about. This thing though it’s no land spirit it has a definite purpose and it isn’t plant the crops it the south field. It is trying to scare me away from something it thinks I know and it is threatening everything I care about to accomplished that end. Problem is I don’t know what I am supposed to stay away from. That’s the crux of the matter.
That’s why we are talking to you not a priest or Ghostbusters. I need answers to protect my loved ones and something tells me you are the right person to help with those answers.

“Actually I think Mirabel needs to come in here for a little while she will probably have a better idea of what is going on with you than I do.” She called “Mirabel will you come in here?” That was the sound of dishes clattering and Mirabel appeared. “Yes, Miss Jeanie” the girl spoke in the diffident way some southern blacks affected. “Now stop that!” Jeanie snapped “I doubt either of these ladies believe you are meek, not with that bold way you have on staring a person down.” Mirabel smiled and became for that moment a radiant beauty. “Sorry ladies. Some of the folk that come here get a little put off by what they see as the house girl getting airs. So I play a proper hired help.” Jeanie made a snort of disgust “Mirabel is my cousin and people tend to forget she is half owner of half the land here abouts. She also has a doctorate in anthropology and psychology. This all before she is even 24. Never underestimate her.” Mirabel took her seat across from us.
Just like that she was in control. “Tell me what I can do for you ladies. I do have dishes to finish.” The 3 of us alternated in explaining to her the events and describing what happened. When we wound down she was leaning back with her thumb in the dimple in her chin. Her tan linen slacks unwrinkled and comfortable looking in the heat covered bare feet that I stared at as she thought. The foot raised to her knees bringing my eyes to her loose Oriental style shirt and then to her witchy green eyes. They stared at me into me and through me. I turned to see if someone stood behind me. ” Oh, he is there you just can’t see him. He is too far away. You need to get closer to him in the body to find your answers. I for now can give you my answers.

Since we’re from 2 very different cultures it’s gonna be very different you have creole in your family but my family is creole. Your family is white and native american in their beliefs and in their ways. My roots are bloodier and more vicious. My people more concerned with survival of the fittest and annihilation of enemies. Their beliefs and magics reflect that. I’m not sure if it was the hostile land that created the people, or the hostile people who created the land, but hostile they both were and to each other.
Africa, Jamaica, Trinidad, all the Carribean islands, and parts of South America all have these antagonistic relationship with their lands. The shamans and leaders developed a way of controlling the land and protecting the people while turning it into a weapon to use against enemies. On this discovery and war ensued between the tribes on the islands and every area of the southern hemisphere at once as if they were all connected. Whites would not recognize these struggles as anything but normal barbarian behavior but it was there decimating the populations. Defeated enemies were given over to these spirits. Creating the stories zombies, vampires, and werewolves. When the wite man it was an easy thing to take these people. They feared one another more than they feared the outsiders.” The phone rang startling us all. Mirabel looked at her cell “I have to take this my grandfather is in the hospital. ” She got up and left the room taking with her the overwhelming presence that had snuck in and pooled around us as she talked. I took a deep breath feeling fresh clean air rush in and clear away the stale breath I hadn’t known I held.


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