I see 4

I woke in the wee hours of the morning. It took me a moment to realize that something was wrong. The lights were out.
I started to turn my head and raise up, that’s when my mind heard what my body had been trying to tell it. Fear!

It permeated in the room pushing my body down freezing my thoughts paralyzing me.
The fear came from outside of my body forcing itself in. I struggled. My mind and my body would not cooperate.
I became aware of something in the room with me. Something darker than the dark. It filled up the room at the same time it seemed not to be there. Finally, there next to the bed.
In my peripheral Vision I saw a shape.
The shape seemed to in motion but sitting still. My mind tried to shy away. My eyes kept sliding to the side. Seeing gave me a headache.
It spoke. ” Look away from me – your small mind cannot process me.” It rasped out. I could taste copper in my mouth. Had I bitten my tongue? I quickly complied. And thought to myself. Hey! Small minds, ass! Now I anger awoke in me but still I could not move. “Listen closely what I say.” I could hear the sound of several little feet running around on the floor. My skin started to crawl. “You have no business in the affairs of the others.”  He said Others like a title. “If you do not stay apart and aloof. You will lose everything. Your family will be ours. We will visit your dreams, invade your thoughts and hound you until  your sanity has  left you. Then we will send a rider to invade and devour you.” At this pronouncement there began a din of clicking noises. I had the urge to throw up. Under my fingers the blanket moved. My palms started to sweat and I could smell the acrid fear stench rolling from me.
” Stop looking, stop paying attention, stop noticing, and stop being curious about us.”
What’s it talking about? Who are these “Others” who is this psycho?
There at the foot of my bed a coiling sensation slithered over my feet. Snake? Was he gonna kill me with a poisonous snake? Ohh my god this person was a freaky serial killer with a bug and snake fetish. I thought just kill me and get it over with I don’t wanna be snake food. In an instant a whole scenario of the snake biting me, me dying, and the bugs eating my flesh, flashed through my head. It moved! Now the thing uncoiled.
I threw out a mental request to the powers that be to help me.
Then, a strange sliding sensation in my head. Something sharp grabbed my arm. Did the IT thing have claws?
Is he wearing a Freddy Krueger glove?
Oh the horror!
I heard the howls of coyotes outside my window. They started yipping and barking they getting closer and closer.
My attacker stopped and let out what sounded like a curse. Then he was gone. I don’t mean that he left.
I mean he was gone.

My body freed from it’s paralysis went into motion. I jumped out of bed and turned on all the lights.  Bob was nowhere to be seen. Bob was probably hiding.
I wish I were a cat.
I got back in my bed and wrapped  my blanket around me. At this point totally freaked out comes no where near describing me. I tried to faint a coupla times but apparently it’s not in my makeup. I look around the room for something I could do to protect myself.

That’s when I saw the blood.
4 lines of blood running from 4 scratches on my arm.
There goes the nightmare theory.
I heard the howling again. I looked out my window and there on the other side a coyote looking in at me his paws resting on the sill. It winked and disappeared.

I didn’t sleep any more that night.


4 thoughts on “I see 4

  1. marlena snyder

    well well well

    • Gray Toast

      You must have a lot of water in those wells! I hope you continue to read!

  2. Gabriel

    Damn it babe cant sleep..bob went on vacation ..lol..pretty good babe keep up the good work..

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