I see 3

I could pretend I went to Spain or Ireland or even Las Vegas, but for me vacationing was a few more days at home. I am of the poor folk and paying the bills for me and my dad pretty much takes all I make.  My grandmother usually helps out with the cooking cleaning and laundry and I always try to pay her what I can for the help.
So that meant vacation was home time.

Luckily for me my vacation started the same week my dad and his friends got invited on a fishing trip in Florida, so I was spending my week alone.  I decided to take this chance while he was gone to organize and throw away a lot of trash, I mean sort through stuff.
I already told you my dad was the collector of useless things. Well, He had collected quite a bit over his lifetime
There was plenty to keep me busy
I worked all day with my stereo blasting.

At night I turned the on radio and flipped all the lights on and watched movies.
No shadowy eyes or scary voices for me thank you very much!

By the way Bob acted, I figured he thought I had lost my mind. He followed me from room to room, just staring and  watching next to the door or peeking over obstacles of junk. Honestly between me and you; I think he didn’t wanna be left alone either.

I’d been at home alone for a couple of days and was finishing up a long morning of sorting papers and rolling up wires and power cords and you know “organizing” when Bob started sneezing and telling me that it might be time for shower. So, I started the shower up, put my music on, and climbed in. Bob settled in on my towel and promptly fell asleep.

I was washing my hair and just starting to feel relaxed when I saw the shadow.

At first I thought it was just the curtain moving then I saw the motion again. I stopped moving, and started breathing heavy, every scary movie I ever watched flashed through my head. I couldn’t breathe.

I reached trembling hands toward the curtain and took a hold of it in fingers that had gone cold. I Took a deep breath slid it open.
There was nothing there, not even Bob.
Quickly I rinsed my hair with the curtain open, not caring about the water spraying on the floor. I towelled off quickly and grabbed my robe. Slowly I peeked out the door.
I heard somebody moving around in the house. Were they in my living room?

I looked down at my robe.
This situation called for clothes.
Nobody’s gonna be afraid of a knife wielding robe wearing female.  I had a sudden and hilarious picture of myself raising a knife, only to have my robe fall open. The hysterical impulse to giggle caught me.

I hurried to my room threw on t-shirt and shorts. I grabbed my hunting knife and tip toed to the door. (Hey! The guns are locked in a gun safe! Safety first you know! Also, I had “organized” the keys somewhere.)
I opened the door to my room and eased out and that’s where lost my nerve. Like a stupid girl out of a scary movie, I called down the hall “Hello? Is anybody there?”

To my shock there was an answer ” Yeah I’m in the kitchen making sandwiches want 1?! ” The voice belonged my uncle Jeremiah the family vagabond.  I felt like walking in and stabbing him on principle.
I hastily put away the knife. And went into the kitchen. Nobody ever knocks around here. He and my grandmother sat the kitchen table. He was eating his sandwich and she was folding laundry. Musta been her shadow moving around in the bathroom. I guess she was getting the hamper. My grandmother has no concept of personal space or privacy.

Sighing as only the deeply put upon can. I poured myself some fresh chicory coffee and sat down to join them. My uncle as usual didn’t even finish eating before he was off and running with a partially eaten sandwich still in his mouth. On his way to a hook up or some other thing. My grandmother, having had 2 cups of coffee chitter chattered ’till the wee hours of the morning. I turned in to bed at 2 am mentally and physically exhausted.  I was gonna need a vacation from my vacation
That was the night of my first visitor came

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