Coming Madness – Introduction

Hi, my name is Gabriella Evangeline Parrish. Yes, Evangeline Parish is where I was born. What can I say?  My parents expected a boy and Gabriel was to be his name. Our last name Parrish being the inspiration to my father, for my middle name. That had to be his one creative moment of life.
I grew up a hard-working country kid and took my first opportunity to escape.
That escape came for me in the form of truck driving school at the community college. “Give us 4 weeks of study and we will give you a lifetime career. ”  Lucky happenstance turned out that this choice was the right one for me.
Ten years later and I am still pleased as punch with my “lifetime career”.
I am hoping I can hold on to that, ’cause, ya see here lately I have been seeing things. Things walking along the roadside only to turn into a broken piece of furniture. A thing slipping thru a fence only to be a broken fence post. Beasts fighting in the desert resolving into a pair of cacti growing around one another. These imaginings are getting more frequent. Who do I turn to with this, or do I keep quite?
I ask this because of the golden eyes staring at me from the tree line next to the pullout I have parked my 18-wheeler in for the night.
Those eyes that if I am not very much mistaken just called me by name.


9 thoughts on “Coming Madness – Introduction

  1. I’m hooked. You have a beautiful storytelling voice. 🙂

  2. Gray Toast

    You know, I’ve really tried hard with this type of style (super personal/informal) before and it never worked for me :/ I’m really hoping that this works great for you and that you enjoy writing it most of all. You’re going to do great!

  3. raonaidluckwell

    Neat way to hook a reader.
    I do have to applaude you. In an old writing group first-person is difficult to write. Believe me, I have tried and I always trip up.

  4. purpleshadowhunter

    I am hook! Love the name because I from south Louisiana,so it hits close to home for me.

    • Gray Toast

      Sweet. Glad you can enjoy!

    • That is so exciting! A lot of this story is going to be influenced by Louisiana tales and superstition because I was raised in DeSoto Parish. I love the Toledo bend to Whiskey Bay areas of Louisiana.

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