Book Contents

This story is written page by page and is quick to hook you! Understand that this book is not a final draft and we will edit it as we go along.

Science fiction/paranormal/fantasy/horror

Written By: Amanda Woodward


Page One: “Introduction: Coming Madness”

Page Two: “The Eyes”

Page Three: “I See”

Page Four: “I See 2”

Page Five: “I See 3”

Page Six: “I See 4”

Page Seven: “The ‘Others’ Who?”

Page Eight: “The ‘Other’s’ Who? 2”

Page Nine: “The ‘Other’s” Who? 3″

Page Ten: “The ‘Other’s’ Who? 4”

Page Eleven: “The Other’s Who? 5”

Page Twelve: “Time For Answers”

Page Thirteen: “Time For Answers”

Page Fourteen:

Page Fifteen:

Page Sixteen:


5 thoughts on “Book Contents

  1. Gray Toast

    Hope you guys enjoy the book! If you have suggestions for images or anything, feel free to drop a line!

  2. Pingback: Thanks for the Support! « Creating Reality and Living Life

  3. Fathima

    Awesome series !! Cant wait to find out more !

  4. Gray Toast

    Check this author out when you get the time, Amanda!
    He’s got a great sense of humor and his witches can alter reality even in their sleep! 😀

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