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My coffee table clutter has been reduced to two magazines – National Geographic and hubby’s Cycling – plus three or four or five romance novels. What my teenaged sons like to call ‘Mom’s sex books’.

Please art departments – I beg you, pull up her bodice and button his shirt!

But every day I click online and read my favorite blogs on digital publishing news, womens’ magazines, and celebrity gossip.

Oh yeah…and Facebook of course.

On my home page one day was an aerial photograph of a heart shaped clearing in the midst of thousands of trees. A family secret for years, until a hot air balloonist snapped the picture and now it’s online for the world to see – http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2173055/A-real-labour-love-Devoted-farmer-creates-heart-shaped-meadow-planting-thousands-oak-trees-tribute-late-wife.html

I couldn’t resist. I clicked to read more.

There was a fifteen year old photograph of the man who planted the trees, smiling, his head bent down to…

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