Friday Flash Fiction


Is it still watching?
Is it still there?
Does it know?
Does it care?
She sent it to watch.
She sent it to spy.
I look out the window.
There in the sky!
Why does it taunt me?
Doesn’t it know that she had to die?
Now I sit here nightly staring at the sky,
as it watches with it’s big evil eye.

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25 thoughts on “Friday Flash Fiction

  1. I like it! Very well done! Here’s my link…enjoy! 🙂

  2. Interesting interpretation. One of the few poetry contributions this week. I like that the narrator’s guilty conscience makes the watching moon a reflection of ‘his’ evil. Wish I had the courage to try poetry. Here’s mine:

  3. Russell

    sounds like someone’s guilty conscience is working overtime. I love poetry and would like to see more of it on Fridays.

    Thanks for your nice comment on mine.
    here’s the link for others.

  4. love it, makes me feel like the moon is onto me 🙂

  5. joannalazuliportals

    I like the undertone of obsession, of watching the sky each night. And who had to die…?!
    Ours is at (about 160 words)

    • His mother maybe? This one was the result of emptying my mind while staring at the picture, then writing what came to mind. Kind of me being a character medium. Lol.

  6. A nice expression of paranoia and guilt; the characterization of inanimate nature as something thinking and watching is always a powerful way to go. Nice job!

    -Brian (

  7. Dear Amanda,

    Poetry under the full moon. Nicely done, sad and mysterious, too.



  8. OooOOOOoooo… a guilty conscience and the definition of lunacy. Nice snapshot of madness.


    • Glad you enjoyed it! I thought of trying for the voice of a homeless man but couldn’t get my mind into it with all the scrambling I had to do this week.

      • It has been a nutty week! And who knows? Maybe the homeless man’s just hanging out, waiting for a different prompt.

  9. I know that moon! It’s she same one that shined through my window when I was small and would waken from the nightmare of being trapped in the museunm and the mummies came to life!
    poingnagt poem, well done!

  10. The way used a poetic format for the prompt was very effedtive–delightfully spooky.


  11. So as i read this I kept looking back at the prompt. And by the end the moon did look like an eye watching. Of course I also had my screen tilted up so it looked like dragon. I like how you laid heavy on the guilty like peanut butter. Your main character did something bad. I enjoyed it. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Here’s the link for others in case they haven’t blog hopped enough today:

  12. I like the way you personalized such a cosmic event. It brings paranoia to new heights.
    Here’s mine:

  13. Brandon Scott

    Paranoia can do strange things to the mind. Loved this! Great job!

    My attempt:

  14. Wonderful, reminds me of The Tell-Tale Heart by Poe. Can’t go wrong using guilt as a medium for paranoia.

    Here’s mine:

  15. Oh, I love this. The Moon is casting down a life sentence, without time off for good behaviour. Poetic justice?

  16. Nice, Amanda. Not only does it watch, but it will follow you as well, steady, unyielding.

    Here’s mine:

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