I Arrived at my customer a little later than I usually do. A storm was moving in so I ran inside and grabbed my paperwork. I pulled around to the trailer drop yard to drop my empty and pick up my loaded trailer. I started to back up into the hole next to my loaded trailer. Suddenly I realized the lot had absolutely no lights. It was pitch black. I had spent the day watching youtube videos about monsters and ghosts. Needless to say I was already a little creeped out. After sitting there for a few seconds…. Okay minutes.  I decided to just jump out disconnect and reconnect as fast as possible. I opened the door ready to jump out and lightning crashed followed quickly by thunder!  I slammed the door, pulled the curtains and jumped in the bed. With my head under the covers I felt better.
Now, I am sitting here listening to the growls and booms of the thunder while visualizing an oversized monster army on the move. The flashes of lightning are flashes from the wizard’s staffs as they strike at the monsters over and over! I hear the raindrops hitting the metal roof of my truck. They are the tiny pixie fairy regiment playing backup for the monsters! They charge in and attack the wizards. Tiny swords flashing as they slash and stab. The monsters throw boulders and swing clubs at the cavalry of Centaurs. Valiantly the Wizard cavelcade tries to drive them back to their side of reality. I sit here huddled in my blanket hoping the battle of passed me by.

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2 thoughts on “Storm!

  1. Shelia

    Great job!:)

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