Revisiting the past.

17 years have passed since I was labeled psychotic and dangerous. The town drove me from my home and warned me never to return. Some people fear those who are different. We attack what we fear and drive it from us. I thought he loved me. I thought I’d share my secret with him, but No. He brought his friends and wrapped me in chains of silver and threw me in the river to drown. Now all that is left is the broken walls and dreams of my past.
Now I haunt the outskirts of town a lonely wolf howling in the night.

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37 thoughts on “FRIDAY FLASH FICTION

  1. Dark and delicious! I got goosebumps hearing the wolf howl! Here is mine:

  2. Lora Mitchell

    Yikes! Dark and creepy. Instead of howling on the outskirts of town, I would like to see the wolf haunting and howling through that house which she was driven from and spook the new tenants. lol. Here’s mine:

  3. Powerfully written, dark and lonely, with doses of melancholy sprinkled through. Mine is here:

  4. There’s men for you. Who’s a wolf to trust these days? Deliciously dark, tinged with sadness for the poor creature. Nicely done.

  5. that’s definitely one of the best i’ve read today.

  6. Suitably creepy and sad, with so many little points left hanging, prompting so many questions about this character’s past. You got me with this one!

    -Brian (here’s mine for this week:

    • Thank you I am surprised at the responses I am getting on this one! I had a spooky night lastnight and this is what was with me this morning.

  7. Dark, with so much left unsaid…but not unseen.

    Mine’s this way, nearly 200 words this week:

  8. Small town closed mindedness in the form of prejudice to a shifter. Nicely wrought.

    Here’s mine:

  9. Wow, that was really, really good.

  10. Some secrets cannot be shared, it would seem.

    Nicely done.

    Here’s mine:

  11. Great story–I love hauntings and the backstories/myths that produce them. Well done.


  12. Lovely haunting story. There are some secrets that can never be shared.

    Here’s mine

  13. Shelia

    Awesome job!!!!!!8-)

  14. TheOthers1

    That first part is very true. We attack what we don’t understand without seeking ever to try to understand it. Nice piece of fiction.

    My linky:

  15. Dear Amanda,

    The only thing I could have wished for was a sense of coming retribution. (But that’s just me.) I thought your tale unique in that it made me feel for otherworldly creatures. Moving your reader’s emotions in unexpected directions is the mark of a good writer. Well done.



    • I really appreciate that. Emotional attachment and unexpected reactions are what I try for. I am glad to see I am headed in the right direction.

  16. To be different is hard. To be different and alone is like this. The succinctness of the exercise gave it a lot of impact.

    And for another POV altogether:

  17. I love the ending, actually I love the entire thing, very thought provoking because I wanna know what was wrong with them.
    Here’s mine:

  18. A werewolf… I like it. It’s interesting how they would label a werewolf as psychotic. :/

    • Think about what her behavior would look like around the time of her changes if you didn’t know she went all furry. Mood swings? Violence? Disappearing for days? How about the traits of the wolf that bleed over to her human personality? What would you think if you saw her using her enhanced senses? Her excessive consumption of meat? I thought psychotic summed it up. Thanks! I am glad you liked it.

  19. I wish there were more to this. I would love to see the betrayal and the subsequent drowning. There’s so much anguish here. It’s enough to keep a soul from moving on. I like it. Here’s mine over here:

  20. rochellewisoff

    I felt the hollow loneliness.
    Here’s my link.

  21. Ahhhh…I never heard the silver chain angle. Poor lonely werewolf. Good stuff!

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