Have you ever thought anout the associations you draw?

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  1. Gray Toast

    Uh, associations? Is this an interview, because you posted under “Interviews” category! I didn’t know I’d be put on the spit!!! I mean, spot! AHHHH!
    LOL. But seriously, I’m just curious. I know Glad Bags and Mr. Clean hasn’t changed their catchphrases along with quite a few others. I really liked Arby’s because it’s short and something I’d actually say. Good Mood Food is just… wrong. Good mood food is baby potato soup with greens or New Year greens with black eyed peas and cornbread.

    Here’s some more I found and some my friend Pokemon-Hunters wrote:
    Pokemon no longer says “Gotta Catch’em All!” anymore.
    M&Ms got a new one.
    Snap Crackle and Pop changed their jingle
    Dr. Pepper got a catchphrase.

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