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SHANON GREY :: FictionWeaver

Enjoy an excerpt of The Shoppe of Spells 

The THE SHOPPE OF SPELLS is now available in e-format for your Spells WEBsmallreading pleasure at Amazon, Barnes & Noble,  and Smashwords. Print available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Morgan lay motionless, listening, struggling to define what woke her. A faint hum, almost imperceptible, thrummed through her body, battling the very rhythm of her being. There was something familiar about it. Was that hum from a smoke alarm going off in the distance?

The air crackled around her.

She released the breath she’d been holding and opened her eyes. Damp curls clung to her neck as she shifted up on her elbow and scanned the room. Streaks of light spiked beneath the closed bedroom door—the only light penetrating the room’s inky blackness.

Panic seeped into her sleep-fogged brain. Fire! She threw back the covers, felt a slight tingle…

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  1. Thank you so much! Love you, too!

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