Who likes Applebees?

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4 thoughts on “Who likes Applebees?

  1. Tony

    Applebees is ok. Personally, I like Outback, Carrabas, Bertuccis, But my kids love Applebees. The reduced pricing on the appetizers later at night. They often go there. Hope that helps. 😉

    • Toni

      I like them. It is a fun place to go. We are pretty limited on restaurants where I live. I like their lighter options and when I want to splurge, they hit the mark there too!

      • Amanda Gray

        Go enter it is low entry just click on the question

      • Tony

        You mentioned a good point about the lighter options, which is something I really do like about Applebees. After replying to you I thought harder about Applebees and the reason I really initially replied its ok for me is that its so hard to get into around here, always packed. And then I recalled meals I had and everything was always good. Sorry I didn’t remember that earlier, Stop by my site some time. You might enjoy the photos. Tony

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