“Paranormal Addicts” (an Interview)

Interview with Chelsea Rafferty

BIO: Chelsea’s Paranormal Addicts book checklisting site can be found at her site, Paranormal Addicts.  Find her Facebook Page and followers can add her on Twitter.

Q: How did you first becomea member of BHBP?

A: The blog? or the FB page? 🙂 I found the blog I believe from one of Leiha Mann’s posts (Karen Marie Moning’s assistant). Later on, Kym told me about the Facebook page she wanted to create and I thought it was a great idea.

Q: Did you find the group welcoming ?

A: Of course, there’s always someone supporting someone. We all have busy lives but there’s always someone caring/willing to leave you feedback on a book series, on a website, on books etc.

Q: How did their interests coincide with yours?

A: They were all book addicts like me. Also, a lot of them shared a love of the Paranormal Genre and I got a lot of new authors from them.

Art by Aaron Alexovich

Q: Did you gain inspiration from the group and how?

A: Yes, I’m amazed at the encouragement I see everyday from these beautiful women. We’re like a family here and you always have some Aunt or Sister or Cousin who truly wants to be your family and they support you in anyway they can.

Q: What things has the group inspired you to do that you wouldn’t have done

A: The group inspired me to start my own Paranormal book check listing site. I was amazed at how many of the girls liked the very same books I did and I realized there was a need and a want to be able to access that information and to help with our checklists. I was extremely encouraged by the group and they were some of the first to “like” my Paranormal Addicts facebook page!

Q: Do you feel the friendships you have made are lasting?

A: Oh most definitely! We might not always do “chatrooms” together but we are always together and checking in on the blog to see new content and give feedback/encouragement to others… that kind of love doesn’t just dry up.

Q: How has the group expanded your horizons ?

A: I’ve gotten to appreciate several aspects of the book industry. Not just being a “fan” of books but actually seeing a variety of books and seeing friends become “new” authors… do you know how amazing that is to watch friends either self-publish or get a Publisher to support them? I’m SO very proud of everyone in the group and they are definitely like my family for me!

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6 thoughts on ““Paranormal Addicts” (an Interview)

  1. Marilyn Baron

    Love the interview with Chelsea. Great job, Amanda and Chelsea.

    Marilyn Baron

    • Toasty

      Glad to hear it, Ms. Baron! Hope to hear more from you soon! Take care.

  2. Chelsea is such a treasure and I’m so glad she started the blog… and the FB page. Great interview you two!

    • Toasty

      Good thing this site’s so easy to work with! And its all Amanda’s work–I’m just the girl who got it on the site! She’s really cool, too. I hope you’ll hear more from her soon!

  3. Loved reading your interview!!

  4. Thanks guys! 🙂 Amanda is such a sweetie and I really love her and the whole group of course *huggles*

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